About NIE

Newspaper in Education (NIE) is a dynamic educational program that enriches young minds by providing students with the most current information available in a learning tool: the Tallahassee Democrat. News and information are like food for the brain, helping children grow and develop into strong, critical thinkers. The Tallahassee Democrat is committed to providing students in Florida with copies of the newspaper, as well as instructional support to ensure classroom success.

Every day, the Tallahassee Democrat is filled with articles and news items that reflect the current events of the world. From math to government to history, the Tallahassee Democrat NIE program can be used to augment any subject. The Tallahassee Democrat provides an innovative learning experience based on current, real life events that move beyond textbooks.


The mission of the NIE program is to create community partnerships with educational systems and businesses in Florda to promote literacy, life-long learning and to increase reading comprehension through the use of the most current and accurate textbook available-the newspaper.


The effectiveness of Newspaper in Education (NIE) programs has been documented through studies conducted by colleges and universities including Florida State University and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation. These studies measured the effect of NIE programs on student achievement. The studies found the following:

  • That schools with a high enrollment of students of color who utilize a Newspaper In Education program score 30% higher on standardized tests than similarly populated schools.
  • That NIE programs are particularly effective with immigrants and students from non-English speaking homes.
  • That having a Newspaper In Education program at a school can increase overall performance of the school by 10%. These effects are greater in large metro areas and greater at elementary and middle school levels.
  • That reading skills increased by two grade levels for students who used newspapers, as compared to those using traditional methods.
  • That the intensity of service i.e., a larger number of classrooms and students participating in the program has a larger and more significant effect on test scores.
  • That 61% of adults who had newspapers used in class when they were school age, voted in local elections in 2006 versus 44% of adults who had no newspaper influence.
  • That 72% of those adults voted in the 2004 presidential election versus 58% who had no newspaper influence.
  • That 31% of adults who had newspapers used in class when they were school age, had been an active member of a community or national voluntary group versus 17% of adults who had no newspaper influence.

Teacher Benefits

The Newspaper In Education program:

  • Provides teachers with a substantial, highly motivating supplement to classroom resources.
  • Increases literacy and builds reading, comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Bridges the gap between the classroom and the “real” world.
  • Builds life-skills with classroom exercises in job search, budgeting and citizenship.
  • Contains something for every student including the comics, the editorials, the sports, real math problems and science as it happens.
  • Builds self-esteem through a successful learning experience.
  • Builds accountability through measurable curriculum activities.
  • Expands areas of interest and promotes local and global understanding.
  • Prompts students to search, identify and retrieve their own individual answers.

Student Benefits

Every day of the week, the Tallahassee Democrat provides a fresh learning tool for teachers and students. Studies have shown that using the newspaper in the classroom will help students: Improve reading and writing skills by analyzing feature articles, entertainment reviews and the comics. Build vocabulary with crossword puzzles and word games. Cultivate critical thinking skills through the News’ prize-winning coverage of local, national and international news. Clarify values and develop real-life decision-making skills through human-interest stories and advice columns. Sharpen math and problem-solving abilities using sports statistics, stock market listings, weather forecasts and retails ads. Broaden their perspective with political cartoons, opinion columns and editorials. Apply life skills through classified ads, business and consumer news and recipes.

School Benefits

It is the goal of NIE to develop and present methods of teaching with the Tallahassee Democrat to create an interactive and motivational learning environment. Through instructor support, newsletters, and curriculum guides, the Tallahassee Democrat and participating sponsors are committed to meeting the needs of area teachers as they work to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Schools benefit by: Receiving classroom sets of the print edition of the Tallahassee Democrat and teaching materials at a significantly discounted rate. Classroom sets of the Electronic edition of the Tallahassee Democrat are provided at no cost to the school or teacher. Both the print and electronic editions of the newspaper are provided through generous corporate sponsors. Having access to timely content from the newspaper to use in all areas of their instructional programs. Enhancing teacher professional development and allowing them to earn Continuing Education Units through instructor programs and workshops.

Electronic Edition (e-Edition)

The Newspaper in Education (NIE) office recognizes that children live in an increasingly digital world. In keeping with that reality, the NIE program is expanding its teaching tools by offering the electronic edition or E-edition of the newspaper that is available to all schools who wish to participate this school year.

  • An exact replica of the Tallahassee Democrat that teachers and students access through their computer.
  • Searchable and interactive to quickly find exactly what teachers and students are looking for using key words to research any topic, person or event in articles in that days’ paper or the archive.
  • Through E-notify you can create a list of topics or words that will be searched every day when you access the paper allowing teachers and students to keep track of multiple topics they are studying or researching.
  • Easy to navigate with a click on the Section Index that offers quick access to any section or page of the newspaper. You may also access all daily special sections, ads, and classifieds.
  • Customizable by changing screen layouts and by moving easily through pages and sections.
  • A “Green” alternative with no paper to dispose of or recycle.

What is the E-edition?

The electronic edition is an exact replica of the Tallahassee Democrat in electronic form and is available in all counties. It differs from bhamnews.com in that you can page through the entire newspaper on-line just like the printed version you receive at your door step.

What are the benefits of using the E-edition?

Your students can view all the text, photos, and advertisements exactly as they are printed in the daily paper, because it is an exact replica of the print edition that is delivered to your home.

Changing the size of the print and the layout of the screen, turning pages with a click of a button makes reading the e-edition easy and convenient for students and teachers alike.

Keyword searches give students the power to research any topic, person or event instantly.

Daily notification of topics or subjects that you want your students to explore in the newspaper can be done automatically.

Increased use of e-Edition subscriptions will have a positive impact environment.

How does the e-Edition subscription work?

When you sign up for the e-edition you will only receive one user name (your email address) and password. Your username will be your email address and we will provide you with a password that all of your students will use.

How do I use the electronic edition if my classroom only has a few computers?

Some teachers send half (or all) of their class to the library or computer lab. When they return to the class, these students work on assignments related to the electronic edition while the other half of the class goes to the library or computer lab. Others give students assignments to do on their own, either at the school library or on another computer at the school.

Teachers who have more than one computer sometimes set up learning stations. Others use an LCD projector, TV or whiteboard for their class.

No student computer access at all? You can print out the selected material for handouts or view it on an overhead projector, just like the paper version.

Why must I sign an Affidavit Form at the end of my NIE subscription?

When teachers place an order through NIE, they agree to sign an Affidavit Form. NIE starts the order based on the assurance that an Affidavit Form will be signed and received as agreed. NIE must collect Affidavit Forms from school subscribers because we must verify for outside auditors that e-Editions were actually requested, received and used in an educational setting. Without this documentation, the NIE program is not able to provide sponsored services to the education community. We thank teachers in advance for their prompt return of the signed Affidavit Form which can be completed on the NIE website at www.nieonline.com/bhamnews.

Will there be an issue receiving the e-Edition due to the school district’s internet connection being too small to hold the bandwidth required?

The pages of the e-Edition are hosted on separate servers which are dedicated to this application. It will only take a small bandwidth on the side of the school district to use this product.